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00:50:54<egallager>so, about the twitter-to-x renaming...
00:51:45<egallager>since they're now forcing redirects, what does that mean for all the twitter links on the wiki?
00:54:01<fireonlive>the AT wiki? i guess they'll just hit whichever hostname we happened to use and then x/twitter will redirect you
00:54:27<fireonlive>in one browser session i'm still on twitter.com, in another they've pushed me to x.com lol
00:56:31<fireonlive>i guess no harm in using x.com going forward, though updating all existing links would break stuff like wayback lookups
00:56:56<fireonlive>back when one could save those anyways..
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02:09:43<pabs>can AB extract URLs from PDFs? I found a domain that redirects to a PDF: alessandrosangiorgi.net
02:10:07<pabs>(personal domain, the redirect is to their CV)
02:11:13<fireonlive>it doesn't
02:11:34<fireonlive>#// does though
02:13:01<fireonlive>would be cool to somehow process pdfs archivebot comes across in urls
02:15:36<thuban>fireonlive: add *.pdf to your websocket watch setup?
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02:18:46<fireonlive>hmm yeah, we'd have some dupe (archived by both AB & urls) but probably not a huge amount size wise
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02:37:59<h2ibot>PaulWise created SmolNet (+1546, initial page): https://wiki.archiveteam.org/?title=SmolNet
02:42:59<nicolas17>pabs: I finished uploading the State of the Map 2014 videos
02:43:00<h2ibot>PaulWise edited SmolNet (+0, typo): https://wiki.archiveteam.org/?diff=52273&oldid=52272
02:43:11<nicolas17>but the item has been deriving for 5h now :D
02:45:32<@JAA>nicolas17: I have a derive for a video upload that's been running for a month. So settle in. :-)
02:45:40<nicolas17>....how long was that
02:46:25<nicolas17>also when I uploaded the first .iso, it derived in an hour or three
02:46:38<nicolas17>now I uploaded 10 more so I'm not surprised at the delay
02:47:23<@JAA>3 days continuous video in a couple large chunks
02:47:43<nicolas17>yeahhh I'm not surprised
02:47:48<nicolas17>especially if high-res
02:47:58<@JAA>Derive started on 2024-04-22, crashed at one point, and has now been running for over two weeks again.
02:48:06<@JAA>Yes, high-quality 1080p HEVC encode.
02:48:16<nicolas17>this is weird resolution
02:49:19<@JAA>It appears to be choking on the 131 GiB video file currently.
02:49:33<nicolas17>352x576 pixels, 4:3 display
02:49:38<@JAA>Well, since a week ago.
02:50:22<nicolas17>although some videos look stretched unless I override the display ratio to 16:10
02:51:56<nicolas17>I think they had the camera recording directly to DVD Video
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