00:00:48<pokechu22>(I'm not currently running it myself, but I did confirm that it started downloading the page list)
00:02:29<michaelblob_>hm yeah the python3 version of launcher.py casts to lower (see https://github.com/mediawiki-client-tools/mediawiki-scraper/blob/python3/wikiteam3/launcher.py#L62)
00:02:54<michaelblob_>as does the python2 version (https://github.com/WikiTeam/wikiteam/blob/master/launcher.py#L42)
00:03:58<michaelblob_>dumpgenerator is in the clear this time haha
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03:52:25<pabs>I'm guessing docuwiki isn't supported here yet?
03:53:33<pokechu22>I think there's a new tool that handles Dokuwiki but I haven't looked into it yet
05:12:26<yzqzss|m>pabs: <https://github.com/saveweb/dokuwiki-dumper>
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22:22:48<@JAA>https://wiki.bash-hackers.org/ is a DokuWiki. The domain expired yesterday, but the server's still available at
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