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00:23:04<nukke>I thought the lady that brought up these accusations had receipts
00:23:43<nukke>All that aside, their apology video was bizarre. It had like three plugs for their mech store
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00:36:09<fireonlive>and i think that was the cut down version too?
00:38:24<fireonlive>>At this time, we feel our case for a defamation suit would be very strong; however, our deepest wish is to simply put all of this behind us.
00:57:49<nukke>can you take a screenshot? I can't see :( I'm guessing everyone is dunking on them
00:58:47<nukke>also unrelated: anyone here used paid weather/radar services and/or apps? I was thinking of paying for either RadarOmega or Windy
00:59:38<fireonlive>that top tweet... oof
01:00:30<nukke>welp. exactly what I expected from twitter
01:01:04<nukke>nicolas17: coffeezilla video on the rabbit founder/company https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPOHf20slZg 🍿
01:01:21<nukke>I forget if it was you or someone else that talked about the smart assistants a month or two ago
01:04:24<fireonlive>that punch steve tweet has been taken down
01:04:28<fireonlive>>This Post violated the X Rules. Learn more
01:04:36<fireonlive>(formerly at https://x.com/GavinMoltisanti/status/1793446456520573385)
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01:34:39<nicolas17>nukke: I read that in Argentina they launch like 10% of the weather balloons that they should for decent forecast quality, paying for a weather service isn't gonna give me any better data if it doesn't exist :P
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01:38:17<nukke>don't you have to pay for eveyrthing in argentina anyway? now that everything is privatized
01:45:14fireonlive wonders if it's legal for me to be in Argentina
01:52:28<nukke>don't peg on me
01:52:37<nukke>thread* stupid autocorrect... 👀
02:02:54<nicolas17>nukke: is that the misinformation you get from your media? :P
02:05:50<fireonlive>nukke: something put a cum button up your asshole for a reason, you should learn to love it
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02:22:10<nukke>reported to the mods. enjor ur ban kiddo
02:37:26<eggdrop>[karma] self karma is a selfish pursuit.
02:44:49<TheTechRobo>fireonlive: You've said that before. lol
02:45:05<eggdrop>[karma] self karma is a selfish pursuit.
02:45:58<TheTechRobo>Interesting how the second time didn't mention God. Character development? :P https://lounge.thetechrobo.ca/uploads/a97c467c3ca0bdd1/image.png
02:47:01<fireonlive>i did write god at first then was more inclusive at the last second :d
02:48:11<fireonlive>(and of course it's nicolas17)
03:19:31<nicolas17>ok but what *is* epic's proposal
03:20:02<fireonlive>'apple must die'
03:20:38<nicolas17>fireonlive: how does that "impose harmful and unwarranted changes to Android and Google Play"?
03:24:15<nicolas17>"Google to allow third-party app stores access to Google Play’s catalog of apps for six years" that's absurd
03:24:30<nicolas17>and Google *can't* do that because it's not in the contract app developers agreed to
03:24:53<@JAA>Where can I find those terms?
03:27:23<@JAA>This? https://play.google/intl/en_us/developer-distribution-agreement.html
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